Y is it that CS is minimizing when i start a game

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by oO ShifterZ Oo, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. everytime i start cs its fine, then i click to join an internet game or create a lan game cs window mininizes on me. i have a geforce 2 32mb card wit the lastest dentor, 28.32 i think, and the lastest refreshrates, 85 i think, 1028x768 resolution, and it still does this, i use opengl for cs, cuz its looks the best rather then directx and software and seems to go faster, so when i start an internet game or create a lan game it minizes on me when im on open gl, but when im on directx or software it doesnt minize. WHAT UP?

    AND also i also find that when i exit the game all my desktop icons are rearrage any sugguestions bout that problem too?

    i have winxp pro.
  2. nooo

    nm, (nevermind) issue resolved, it was the statbar i have running.