Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mayor, Mar 31, 2002.

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    I am fairly new to computing and have just acquired a XT Olivetti computer and I am told it has 10MB HD and one meg memory. The CD drive has an odd lever on the front and there appears to be no 3.5 floppy. I am hoping to put windows 98 or even better XP on. I also have a hayes external modem 9.6 Kbps its rather large and threre dos,nt seem to be any sockets I can plug into. Can anyone advise me on the machine as I hoping to do some graphical design work on the machine
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    Go for it
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    Heh, I wish I could Install XP on my Timex Sinclair!

    My Timex Sinclair has 8k onboard memory with a 15k expansion pack. it has a cassette tape drive (no HD), plugs directly to a tv, runs dos 2 and 3.0 and has Qbasic commands directly on the keyboard!

    it's so leet :)

    and if noone believes me about it I can take pictures :)