XPlite/2000lite 1.3.0246

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Jul 13, 2004.

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    XPlite and 2000lite are powerful configuration utilities for Windows creating a modular Windows operating system where YOU are in control.

    Various Mirrors and further info, sorry but it's a shareware!

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    Well I used 98lite back in the 98 days when you needed as much memory as possible - the install you created did manage to slim things quite a bit.

    The program has advanced a bit and become XPlite and essentially offers the same deal, you choose the parts of XP that you want to install. This is still good for locked down systems or if you install many versions of XP in different flavours - but nowerdays with increased memory it has less of an impact than it did with 98 and low memory systems.

    I would reccommend tying it however if you are interested in creating a very slim system for just games or secure system for public use - oh and for say a dedicated task system that was just doing one action most of the time.
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