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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by WildOptic, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. WildOptic

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    I know this is a very simple question but i didnt bother to look around first...my xp 1500+ temp is running at 138F and my case normally at 91F is this normal at all i have a one case intake fan and only the power supply outake fan...so ok now the cpu is at 140F and thats just on the net i havent even played UT yet.

    And i almost forgot that reading is from Motherboard Monitor 5
  2. th3hermit

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    I have an athlon 1800 which was running hot, or so I thought, Until I found out that the sensor built in to the socket may have been to close to the processor itself. I opened it and adjusted it and found that was my problem. Now I see my processor really is at about 110 degrees. That may be your problem, alternatively the processor running at that temperature, I believe, would have fried by now if it were that hot, most new amd chips should run between 105-130 degrees idle or not.. Hope this helps ya...:)
  3. Kahuna

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    I am running a AMD 1900XP and its running at 143F (62C) and I have had no problems. I am pretty sure I am running hotter than most. According to AMD the chip is good up to 90C or 194F. Of course I would not want to be anywhere near there.

    I run motherboard monitor and have it set to shut off if it hits 158F (70C).
  4. WildOptic

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    Where exactly is the sensor?
  5. amoebadrew

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    my 1800xp never hits 125f loaded its 95 idle
  6. Kahuna

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    depends on the board. Some you have to put in yourself but if its like mine its actually recessed in the socket.

    by the way the avg. operating temp of a XP1900 is between 120 to 135F with a 60mm fan at about 25CFM. Some of the older Athlons run around 105 - 125F average.

    I would imagine your chip would not be far off from that.
  7. WildOptic

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    The MB is a Asus A7V266-E and the CPU fan is the standard fan that came with the cpu. But I have a Volcano 7 that im thinking about placing on it.
  8. LPDad

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    That sounds a bit too hot..

    I have an Athlon XP 1800+ which is currently <slightly> overclocked to an equiv of 1900.
    My MB is an Abit KR7a-Raid and my HSF is the awsome new thermalright AX-7 with a nice QUIET 80mm 38 cfm 29 db fan.
    (my video card fan is the loudest fan on my system)

    Currently my Temps are as follows:
    System 27 - 28 C
    Processor 32 C minimal load
    Processor 40 - 42 C Full load

    Some notes:
    My Processor Temp sensor is a little probe that sticks up from the socket and ACTUALLY touches the bottom of the Chip.

    I am using the VIA Chipset cooling Tweak (which really keeps the average temperature down-- This is a special tweak that you can do if you have a Via Chipset)

    The standard HSF that comes supplied with a retail boxed Athlon CPU will not give you the lowest temps, but should be adequate provided you have good airflow through your case.

    The HOTTER your chip runs at the shorter its life expectancy will be. Cooler is better.

    The best place for you to get specific help with dropping your temps is to go to www.amdmb.com and check out the forums under cooling.

    Here is a link that talks about your specific processor :

    In my "opinion" you could do alot better. Good luck.
  9. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    I love my Volcano 7...no more than 52c @ load.
  10. MiseryQ

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    The sensor under the processor should be touching the CPU or else your taking air temps... I bend the sensor so that it touches and even put HSG to make sure its reading right...

    Athlons run hot... My 1.4g@1512mhz runs about 112Fidle/138Fload... Which lead me to ProjectX and the 94Fidle temps of my 700Athlon@805mhz... :)...
  11. Trev

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    I just bought the amd athlon xp 2000+ and have never seen the temp anywhere above 43.50 degrees celcius. Thats still a tad bit hot. Spend some more money on cooling, i got a volcano 7, and its perfect for this computer. Another cheep way to go is a case fan. One pulling in, one pulling out
  12. LPDad

    LPDad OSNN Addict

    Well, Ok...

    Here is the link to the cooling tweak you asked for :


    I also posted it in another thread in this forum so that you could read more about it.

    BTW, Spend $35 and get the Thermalright AX7 and an ethermax adjustable fan (kdcomputers has them both)

    The AX7 is big, has a 6 prong attachment to the CPU base and WILL NOT COME OFF.
    Best of all it uses an 80mm fan which pushes a hell of alot more air at lower speeds-- No longer do you have to put up with a super loud HIGH PITCHED screamer delta. You can get the same cooling with 21-34 db fans, and for you insane DEAF overclockers out there you can even get an 80mm Delta that will leave all of your puny 60mm deltas in the dust.:cool:
  13. WildOptic

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    Ok I finally but the volcano 7 on the cpu and then i removed the video card (GF2 TI 64MB DDR) fan from its heatsink and replaced it with a bigger cooler master fan i had laying around. Then i placed the formerly intake fan as an outake fan just above the back of the video card in between and the cpu, just above the MB chipset fan. And my CPU temp is at 122F. Im just going to add two intake fans the this already noisy heater of mine. Then i will try the via cool tweak.