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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Arc, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. Arc

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    In Word97 only my admin (Guest-1) profile can access the Spell Checker & Grammar. The other profiles don't allow the function and the tab is "greyed-out".

    One MS site, said to alter the registry to allow the others the priviledge. I followed the instructions (they weren't for XP), but there has been no change.

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    Change to...

    Office 2000 or XP. Win XP doesn't support Office 97.
  3. Arc

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    No, I'm only using Word97 from the Office97 suite. Is there any work-arounds? That is the only problem that I have encountered.
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    You may not be able to install Office 97 on Xp but you can install the individual items: Word, Exell ... work fine.
  6. Arc

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  7. I am confused. If Office 97 wont install with Windows XP Pro why has it installed siccessfully for me? It works fine with only one small problem. When I scroll a table sometimes the new screen is broken up a little.