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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ee99ee, Aug 23, 2002.

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    I'm not really sure which topic this should go under. All the topics are too general in this forum, but I'm gonna post this here. If it should go in another one, then one of the admins please move it there.

    My question is what are the advantages of Windows XP Pro over Windows 2000 Pro? Other then the ugly interface, the integrated spyware (XP calls home!), and ability for Microsoft to get on my computer at any time legally, I can't see anything that XP has over 2k. I've found XP to be slower and ALOT less stable then 2k. Also, hardware detection sucks in XP compaired to 2k.

    Maybe I'm missing something, and if I am tell me; that's why I posted this.

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    Well since nobody replied I will say that XP is the best OS from Microsoft actually. Some people don't like it and some just love it. Most utilities under XP are from 2000 and XP is easier to play with, that's only my opinion, I was having 2000 Pro and Server before on my computer.

    Basically people who don't like XP can always use 2000 but for what I can see problems related to XP are easy to fix following instructions found on this forum. I also know that for most of the problems the users are responsible for creating them. It seems easy to blame XP for everything but all other Windows were having their own problems too.

    Stick with XP, do some research, ask questions and you will love it .

    Note: Install the Recovery Console, you won't regret it :p
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    I used both.. win2k was my most stable under my old rig but this thinger is beaut... I love winxp... :)

    its not spyware btw... there is text that says no information about your sufing habits licenses et al is being shipped to ms... it might be mind.. but they have said they are not doing it so you have nothing to worry about

    btw the error reports is something a lot of manufacturers use... allows em to see what is causing probs and fix em... so same prob will not repeat.. its a good feature if a little bothersome.. :)
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    This is is W2k also thanks to security fixes and service packs.
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    For me, it basically comes down to this:
    win2k has poor game performance
    xp uses more ram

    so whatever your preference is...

    You might also like to note:
    -2K will be decomissioned before XP and microsoft will stop providing updates for it.

    -XP is IMO the most hassle free OS in the world. It is also the best balance of compatibility / stability imo.

    -XP boots much faster than 2K

    -XP is as fast and stable as 2k imo (not ALWAYS faster... slightly more bloated plus the extra 30 meg or so ram usage)

    - There are also additional features (if you ever use them) like remote desktop, multiple users simultaneously... built in firewall, etc ... I'm sure many others, as well as many other minor enhancements to various parts of the os.
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    i like XP, it is better than 2k, 2k ran really slow on my computer, no clue why.
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    NT4 may be good, but 2K was better than NT4 IMO.
    I wouldnt use 2k for a desktop box, maybe a server.
    XP wouldnt use any other Windows OS than it for a desktop.
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    Sure , as always the real answer is at the middle . People explained why XP is better for them . I think it's your decision if you want to use it instead 2k or not , also depends of your activity on that computer ..

    There is no comparision . XP belongs to NT series
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