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    1G Athlon
    512MB Ram PC133
    48X Sony CD-Rom connected on primary master
    16X Sony CD-RW connected on secondary raid
    Creative Labs 1024 Soundcard PCI Slot 5
    Supra Express 56K Modem PCI Slot 3
    Hercules Prophet 2 MX 64Mb Graphics Card bios revision says AGP Slot
    Asus A7V motherboard bios revision 1009
    40 gig IBM UDMA 100 7200, connected on primary raid

    Problem:- when starting windows xp I always get a message that my Hercules Prophet 2 mx 64mb card is actually a Hercules Prophet 2 mx 64mb graphics card but with only 32mb or even sometimes 16mb memory , even in xp itself.......yet in all other operating systems I get the message that it is 64Mb...is the card faulty ( surely not if fine in other os's ) or is it not compatable with xp....tried to find new bios version for the hercules prophet 2 mx 64mb graphics card but I can't find any at all for that make, even the one that it says I have now....BTW it is the same in windows 2000, yet fine in windows 95 and 98......have been trying for weeks to sort this problem out, scouring the net and on-line forums, but nobody seems to know why this is, apart from YOUR CARD MUST BE FAULTY....yet as I have already stated, how can it be faulty if it only happens in windows 2000 and xp even though I have been using the right drivers?
    Have flashed my motherboard bios with the latest revision, have installed the latest via 4 in 1 drivers for my motherboard and also the latest win xp drivers for my graphics card. Have also installed the latest windows xp updates from microsoft.
    My motherboard is also agp 2.0 compliant . I have a 300w power supply and have also disabled the plug and play and power management as well as other possibilities, such as agp 4X etc. Have also installed win xp without ACPI which seems to be putting everything onto IRQ 9...have managed to install my graphics card onto an IRQ all by itself, BUT NOTHING SEEMS TO RESOLVE MY PROBLEM. However I have noticed that windows xp keeps on picking my graphics card up as an NVIDIA 2 mx/mx400 graphics card....I have removed these from control panel and replaced with my graphics card and have also left it as an NVIDIA and tried their drivers for xp etc etc, but still xp shows my card only to have 16mb or sometimes 32mb of memory!!!!!!!! And finally running games is a nightmare, either the graphics are all choppy or the sound is really bad
    Have phoned Hercules up, sent them e-mails and I am still waiting for a response from them, but it seems that they don't know how to resolve this as well. Can't afford to replace my graphics card as I am a single parent trying to bring up three kids, so my only option is to stick with 98s.e or try to resolve problems with xp

    Thanx JohnJohn

    P.S I don't want to be wasting anybodies time, but a quick response would be appreciated as it is driving me mad and I am ready for smashing my computer up with my SLEDGE HAMMER
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    I have the Geforce2 MX400 64mb . Basically the same card the reporting of ---"I have noticed that windows xp keeps on picking my graphics card up as an NVIDIA 2 mx/mx400 graphics card."----- Is not a problem, mine does the same all it is doing is accepting that its a Nvidia chipset.

    What I find worrying is the 16/32mb reporting.......... I assume that onboard graphics card is turned off in the bios [wild stab, I guess it is or doesnt have one]

    There was a post I read about the latest drivers being 16? something - YES I am aware that 23-11 are supposed to be.

    From what I remember it suggests people use these if having probs.

    will find the post/link and get back

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    is your AGP Aperture size set to 64mb? (in bios)