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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dan88, Mar 21, 2002.

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    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum or not, I originally posted this question under Customizing XP, which was in error.

    My problem with XP is (nearly) every time I boot XP and log on, my system tray icons don't appear. Sometimes one or two of them will, but the others don't show up. The programs are running, it's just their little icons aren't there. To solve it, I can usually just log off, then log back on and they almost always all work the 2nd time. But WHY? :confused: It's aggrevating and time consuming!
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    I'm not sure, but could this have anything to do with the hiding infrequently used icons setting?? If it is I think you have to right click on the taskbar and route around for the settings there??!!??

    Sorry I couldn't be more specific.

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    I have the exact same problem, mostly my sound icon. It's not hidden or anything its just NOT THERE. Sometimes when I boot up its there sometimes it isnt. I usually have to go into the control panel, and into sounds to unclick place in taskbar-apply-click place in taskbar again then ok... and there it is again yet it was running the whole time anyway.
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    Thanks for the replies m8. At least it's somewhat comforting to know I'm not the only one with this annoying bug! Maybe M$ will fix it, I hope.
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    I just developed this same problem after I installed Style XP.
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    I just asked another news group about this same problem.
    I think it's a Windows XP problem.
    I guess we will have to wait until September 2002, when Windows XP Service Patch is suppose to be released. bummer!!!
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    I think I found the fix to the missing icons problem.
    I’ve rebooted my system 3-times now and ALL my icons showed up every time.

    Read this article first:

    What I did:
    In Windows XP Home;
    Go to <Start> <Control Panel> <Performance and Maintenance> <Services>.
    Look for “Universal Plug and Play Device Host” and “SSDP Discovery Service” and Disable them.
    Highlight “Universal Plug and Play Device Host” then click on the Right-Mouse-Button.
    Scroll down and choose <Properties>.
    In the <Startup type:> section choose “DISABLE”.
    Next click <OK>.

    Do the same steps for “SSDP Discovery Service”.

    Reboot the system…that’s it.

    You can also use this utility, which does the same thing:

    You might have to ENABLE both of the Services later if a new device needs them.
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    You're right, it worked brilliantly. I've not had that problem anymore since I tried your advice.

    But now, another aggravating problem every time I start up.

    I like to keep 2 lines in use for my task bar so that I can have many programs open and still be able to read the titles of them. But now, each time WinXP starts up, it has reset my task bar back down to one notch instead of two. So each time, I have to "unlock" the taskbar, reset the size like I like, then Lock Taskbar again.
    I am the only one this happens to?
    Thanks guys for any help.
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    Glad that fixed one of your problems. I haven't had a problem since making the changes.

    Universal plug-n-play has nothing to do with your local pnp.
    It has something to do with connecting up to another device across a network, if that device supports/needs it. I don't know what device would need it.

    As far as the taskbar problem, I don't lock my taskbar and I have mine set for two rows high. I also don't hide any of my icons in the taskbar.
    I've never had a problem with windows changing the taskbar back to a single row. That is weird.
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    Well it used to do it occasionally before I fixed the original problem, but now seems to do it every time WinXP boots up. I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not.
    Also, I've tried leaving the task bar unlocked to see what happens, but it has reset it back to 1 row anyway. :confused: :confused:
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    One other good place to check is "Leoville".
    Have you ever heard of TechTV, this guy (Leo Laport) is the host on "The Screen Savers" show.


    You will have to join, but it's free.
    On the left-hand-side of the webpage look for "Boards". That's the entry area to his "Forum".

    One more place you can look is "Kelly's XP Korner".


    This place might make your head spin. There is tons of information in there. Look at "XP from A to Z".

    Good luck.
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    xp notification qrea

    I had similar problem and applied your solution. It seems to work as each time I boot the icon appears. I contacted my local Microsoft support and asked them to look into the matter.:)