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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by roberto, Jan 15, 2002.

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    great feature of xp...when it worked. dont know whats happened but when i need to use it, or try to create a restore point the calander has gone. and no restore points exist...i think i'm on thin ice!!. been like this for quite a while, so wondered if anyone had any ideas/ suggestion.

    I know this has happened to some other people, but noone yet has been able to solve it??

    any tips greatly appreciated.

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    have you gone to your control panel, opened up system then go to the system restore tab and make sure the box does NOT have a check in it? and have you also made sure that you did not disable the system restore service?

    if you already did that try checking the box to turn it off...then reboot...then uncheck the box...and reboot and see if it works
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    I had already done the former, and the latter ain't changed anything.

    It still displays a type of text box with no calander, stating that there are no retore points to go to, despite me making them there and then.???
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    thanks for the link westy1, but it seems this is to turn it off, or modify so other users can mess with its settings. (looks like i've already done that part!?)

    besides, I realy dont wanna get into editing the registry with my limited knowhow!
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    Perhaps you ran out of space?

    I don't know exactly how the system restore works but perhaps it doesn't delete the old restore points. So you need to delete the old ones before any new ones can be restored?
  8. Get Roxio GoBack 3.0 Deluxe. (It's the only really good product by Roxio for Windows)

    It does the same thing as the win version (system restore times) and:

    *File Recovery w/ no reboot

    *Chronological Log lets you find perfect restore point

    *restore from boot

    *I think its a lot faster and easier

    It's bundled w/ Norton Utilities and SystemWorks 2002 or you can buy it directly. Get it from Morpheus or Kazaa for free if you want.
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    Roxio GoBack, that is their only good product
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    i guess in the end GoBack, seems like the sensible alternative and will probably get hold of a copy from somewhere.

    Its just baffling? you know when these things are designed and hyped as being a great new feature. but when they go wrong no-one (including Microsoft) seem to know whats up with it.

    I dunno same old same old...

    cheers guys