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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kiLLmE, Feb 19, 2002.

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    :confused: I installed Xp in a 4,5 Gb partition in my hd and I have 768 Mb of ram
    Xp obviously created two LARGE files the one called hyberfil.sys that is 1.3 Gb size and another one called pagefile.sys that is 768Mb size
    Obviously I have only less than 300 mbs left in my drive that depending on certain applications often run out and argh...
    Maybe sb could tell me If I could resize my swap file to a smaller size without any complications furthermore
    A resize @ my partitions is not optional cause I have a shitload of applications in my second 15Gb partition and I could not afford a format @ my primary disc

    c ya
  2. Rod

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    First and for most your page file should be 1.5 times your physical ram as for you hybernate.sys you can turn that off which should give you some hard drive back... If your still running into problems after that try moving you page file to your other partition. Or get partition magic pro 7.0 and resize your partitions altogather
  3. Lonman

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    I've been running a pagefile at 50mb minimum - 250mb maximum for over a month now with no problems at all (I have 1.5gig of ram with half of that dedicated to a ramdisk). My pagefile never gets created much larger than 51mb so it's apparant that XP isn't missing the oversized, self-managed size(1.5 X 1.5 = 2.25gig - NO WAY). Resizing your pagefile shouldn't hurt you at all. The only time it should really be noticable is if you have a 'dirty' driver or application that 'leaks' memory... then you'll have problems with running out of RAM (and of course pagefile) - if this does happen, there are ways to identify the culprit and either eliminate, or replace it - or use a memory manager to free up your memory periodically.

    As Rod suggested you can turn off the hybernation feature also to free up that 1.3gig.
  4. kiLLmE

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    thx for your help :)
    i'll try these things out
  5. Hilander

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    I have 512 meg RAM and haven't used a pagefile at all with no ill effects.
    I've started to do audio/video editing with large files (700 meg+) so I'll be putting one in again to see if it speeds things up.
    Question: I have 2 partions C: w/Os and Programs, and D: with my audio/video files. I wanted to put the page file on D: Is the procedure the same as if it was running on C: or is there an additional step so my programs on C: recognize the page file on D:
  6. scriptasylum

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    What exactly is the hybernate.sys file anyway? I've noticed it on my system and while I don't really need the space, I don't like wasting it. What happens if I delete it?
  7. insaNity

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    Hibernation is a feature that let's you power down your system without closing any programs. It is similar to what you see on many laptops.

    It basically saves all your current memory contents to disk (hybernate.sys) then you can completely power down the system. Next time you turn it on, hybernate.sys is read back into RAM and everything was exactly how you left it (you don't even have to save your word document (although I would recommend you do)).

    Whether it is faster or not depends on the size of the RAM contents, but it's always convenient.

    NT has good enough memory management make this feature useful, but you wouldn't want this feature in a 9x OS because they really need to have a fresh boot on regular intervals.

    If you decide you don't want this feature and want to free up some disk space, you can't just delete the file. Instead go to Control Panel/Power Options/Hibernate and disable it.

    I can't remember whether or not you then have to manually delete the file.
  8. kiLLmE

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    well I just deactivated the paging @ xp and I'm happy to announce tha I now have 1.4 Gb free disk space


    well thx for helping me out

    I had no obvious problems during these 2 days I used it without paging and actually I'm also happy that nomore "low disc space" messages are seen :p
  9. allan

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    See my post here for complete info on Paging Files:
    http://www.TweakXP.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=542&sessionID={1C5E679C-52F0-4558-83EC-DA818A2CEC51} (not advertising another site, just pointing you to a post).

    Also, I strongly recommend you forget about hibernation completely. It's a complete waste of resources. You can just set your monitor & Hard Drive to power down after a period of time if you like.
  10. insaNity

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    Hibernate is a very different thing to standby
  11. Lukas

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    Just adding that when you want your pc to hibernate instead of shutdown, go to start -> shutdown but in stead of clicking on log off/restart/shutdown, press the shift key and click on hibernate or just press H on your keyboard.

    My two cents.

  12. allan

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    When you put your system into hibernation, the system takes a "snapshot" of everything that's running and creates the hyberfil.sys filel to store all that info. And resources are used to maintain that information. Standby is a better alternative, but just setting your hd & monitor to power down is better still.