XP Strange Zip file problem HELP !!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by devilman1974, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. devilman1974

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    I got this weird problem where some of my zip files are registered as file folders. Now These are files with actual content in them, when I double click the folder nothing is in it.

    It's not all my zip files, some actually register as zip ( which is associated with winrar )

    This happened after installing Microsoft Word XP, I uninstalled it and the problem remains.

    In this picture you see windows is exploring it, instead of opening it as a file. csaddon.zip actually contains 80 megs of files...

    Any help with this would be appreciated... Thanks.
  2. G|ass

    G|ass Guest

    Try uninstalling ZipMagic if you have it installed, or disable the "View zip files as folders" option in it. If all else fails, just open WinRAR and use it to manage your zip files manually. As long as the zip file is associated with WinRAR properly, and you don't have any software that messes with zip files installed it should work OK.
  3. devilman1974

    devilman1974 Guest

    ya tried that, didnt work...

    I need to open some zip file real bad, boooooo...