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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Freakapotamus, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. I was wanting to change my start up sound for Win XP i did that bit ok. But it seems to cut off my sound around the 15 sec mark. So i cant get it to play the whole thing. Any ideas how i can get it to play all of it .. is there some sort of time limit or something, or file size limit ?
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    Not sure about that, I turn off all Start-up/Shutdown sounds for Windows.

    IMO: You don't need sounds on start-up, especially one that's 15+ seconds, it just takes away performance you need to get your computer going.

    If you really want to have music when you turn your PC on, have Winamp load on start-up.

    Sorry I couldn't help you...
  3. hehe i got a beast of a comp i can handlea music file at start up. All i know is i could do it with win 98 def longer than 15 sec anyways
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    lol...dunno then...mbe XP has a time guard or something so it won't slow you down if ur PC ain't a beast.
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    This is complete speculation but I believe XP does have a time limit because while the sound is playing it seems that nothing happens.

    Just like back on 98...set a startup sound of like 3 minutes long...and once that sound started playing pretty much nada happened till it was on. I might be completely wrong but i'm givin it a shot heheh
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    Wheres Dirk?

    There's got to be a registry 'tweak' for this...lol
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    Now that u guys r talkin about windows sounds, Do any of u know where i can get my hands on some windows sound schemes?, im getting really bored of the one ive had ever since i bought XP about 6 months ago:p
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    I went to Leo Laporte's site : www.leoville.com and downloaded a bunch of different sounds (he has a whole section).

    Now all of my error beeps have been replaced with Hal9000 (2001) telling me there is a problem, or "I can't do that".

    That erily calm voice is great. I don't know about whole sound schemes though.