XP Stalls after boot for a couple of minutes???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pcostanz, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. pcostanz

    pcostanz Guest

    After booting and entering XP, I can't do anything for a couple of minutes. The mouse arrow is fine on the desktop, but the second I go to the taskbar or starmenu, the mouse pointer turns to an hourglass and I can't do anything for about 2-3 minutes. XP just sits there, hardly any HD action. Any ideas on what this is?

    My system

    t-bird 1.4ghz @266fsb
    K7S5A motherboard
    40GB western digital in 2-20gb partitions running FAT32
    512 MB of micron PC2100 (I think it's micron).
    Asus v6600 Deluxe Geforce (nvidia 23.11 drivers)
    SBLive 5.1 audio (xp default drivers)
    Studio PCTV capture card
    built - in lan
    printer/scanner etc...
  2. zman

    zman Guest

    it is usually a driver which causes this problem

    the best thing to do is read and follow the

    Windows XP boot tweak Guide

    As that program will actually show the problem in the graphs

    How many things do you have starting with Boot ? thats worth checking too

    follow that guide and you should fix your problem
  3. existenz

    existenz Guest

    I get that problem too. But it has to do with my DSL modem.

    I just keep it turned off til everything loads, before i turn it off.

    It's better than waiting 2 or 3 minutes...
  4. phishhead

    phishhead OSNN Senior Addict

    San Diego, California
    just a thought you guys try that utility bootvis...my pc booted up in 140 secs now after optimizing it boots up in 38 secs...I use dial up so not sure if the dsl modem will still give you a pause
  5. Edwin

    Edwin Guest

    Try to disable the system restore mode. You'll find this under my computer -> properties -> system restore. System restore does not always act as it should so disabling it won't harm! The pause after startup should be gone now. Good luck!;)
  6. DarkSiege

    DarkSiege Guest

    Edwin is there a way to stop the stall if i want system restore to still be on?
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Guest

    What you'd want is to turn it off on a per drive base. Thing is you can't disable it on the boot drive wthout disabling it for all drives. So were stuck with making a ghost image from time to time but keeping performance max...
  8. phishhead

    phishhead OSNN Senior Addict

    San Diego, California
    also if you go into network connections and disable all connections except tcp/ip and the pc won't look for any other network connections thus starting quicker.