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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by westy1, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. westy1

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    For Xmas I had some Creative 5:1 speakers. Knowing that they would not work very well on my existing sound card I went and got a soundblaster PCI 512 card because it was cheap.
    I have downloaded the latest drivers but cant get the rear speakers to work, it says that I have to load the AUDIO HQ from the disk to switch the rear speakers on, thats ok and all the speakers work until I shut my pc down. Then next time I boot up there are all sort of driver problems and the speakers do not work.
    I am now using the up dated drivers. Under the change speaker settings in XP control panel the rear speakers do not work when the 5:1 speaker option is selected. The only way to get the rear speakers working is to select the Quadraphonic setting.
    Am I losing any sound quality my using this rather than the 5:1 option if the rear speakers were to work ?.
  2. Led2112

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    I was having a problem like that with my soundblaster live card. Seems soundblaster and xp have run into some problems. I would think that if you can use them in the Quad setting you are ok..When you do use this setting do you get sound out of your 5th speaker?
    With my problem the front speakers were working but not my rear ones, until I went to audioHQ and tested them and then they popped on. Hopefully you will get a new driver for the soundcard and your problems will be solved like mine were.

    Frustrating isn't it..Good Luck :)
  3. westy1

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    How did you get Audio HQ to load on your PC, when I try to load it from the disk it also loads the old drivers with it and they dont work with XP. At the moment I am using the updated drivers from creative dated the 1/11/2001. I know that if I can get Audio HQ on my PC it will solve the problem.
    I have tried doing a custom instal and just installed Audio HQ, but every time it instals the old drivers.
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    I know what you mean... I got the sound blaster live 5.1 soundcard with the altec surround sound speakers... I half to set it to quadraphonic speakers and every time I reboot my settings are back to desktop speakers.

    I install the latest drivers from creative...

    But I found out it will work if you install the 4 speakers or surround sound option in the creative installation..
  5. Led2112

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    If you can install audio HQ with the new drivers just do it!
    Then go to the device manager and rollback to the old drivers.
    Write back I will try to help more if I can.. I worked on my soundblaster problem since my October installation of XP
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    THAT WORKED !!!!!!
    Great Led. Why did'nt I think of that, YOU'RE A STAR !

  7. Led2112

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    Cool glad to see it worked. I know what a pain it was for me glad I could help.