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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by leebobs, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. leebobs

    leebobs Guest

    Last year, around April, Windows 2000 SP3 went into second stage BETA testing. A few weeks later Windows XP SP1 entered its first internal testing stage.... and was leaked!!

    Well I have just been accepted on to the Windows 2000 SP4 second BETA testing team, what are the odds history repeats itself?

    With 15 critical updates from a clean SP1 install, I would say quite high. Anyway, when Microsoft do release SP2 what would you like to see in it as well as the usuall, 150 or so bug fixes, most of which are truly odd. (Anyone remember the problem with the 102 Dalmations DVD?!?) What would you like to see contained within the SP2 patch?
  2. djwhite

    djwhite OSNN Senior Addict

    Just the bug fixes will do me as I've already downloaded DX9, WMP9, WMM2.
  3. TechSupport

    TechSupport Guest

    well... id like a little app that makes my tea... washes the car... vacs the house...

    oh?? i have to make sensible suggestions?? bah :(

    erm... sp2 should be a mirror of my harddrive install so I dont have to spend hours installing off different cds... nah, seriously now, I'd say the bugfixes would be a good start... and of course the wmp9, msn5 etc. they need some sort of stable java system and an already hacked uxtheme.dll would be excellent :)
  4. sboulema

    sboulema Moderator

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    i just wanna see the bugfixes and wmp9 so i can slipstream the whole thing :)
  5. TechSupport

    TechSupport Guest

    yeah... ill be makin it slipstream and unattended cuz im bored havin to type everythin in :p
  6. Krux

    Krux Nissan Powered

    Hey the more stuff they can put in the better!!
  7. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    just give me the bug fixes ...specially the one that causes my system to become virtually unuseable when d/ling multiple large files via http ...
  8. leebobs

    leebobs Guest

    I get those download errors too, but only when using the windows firewall over my network ADSL connection.

    I know its not possiable but I hope Microsoft put MSN Messenger in as default
  9. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    Personally Bug fixes, DX9 and thats it. I couldnt give a flying (fill in the rest) for WMP9 or WMM2

    I would also like MSN Messenger 5 integrated with Outlook and Outlook Express.
  10. chris

    chris Free to Fly

    a working o/s ;)
  11. Perris Calderon

    Perris Calderon Moderator Staff Member Political User

    new york
    well, here is a fix to the fix

    sp2 should have easy access and delete to the compressed backup of your os that the sp's create

    it should also have access and delete options for thw backup files of the previous sp's

    also, after say a week, or two weeks, an informative window, telling of the backup files created, and the unnessesary need of the files if the sp is satisfactory, with the option to delete the compressed files should pop up
  12. Heeter

    Heeter Overclocked Like A Mother

    I agree with Dealer on that one....Big time...

  13. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    I thought those backup files were removable in the Add/Remove programs thinger
  14. leebobs

    leebobs Guest

    Na there not, they clog up the pc, hence why slipstreaming is sooooo good!
  15. jpirkey

    jpirkey Guest

    Retrieve Encrypted Files from Previous Installation

    What I ran into recently and am stilling trying to figure out -- hence going trough this message board:

    I recenlty re-installed Windows XP (valid license this time). On the old installation I encrypted my stuff. Problem arose that I can not read it any longer since the Certificate Private Key is now different. So now I have 35GB worth of information that I cannot access. From my understanding Windows generates your key by taking your hardware configuration, system name and user information. Hardware stayed the same, system name was the same and user information was the same and I ended up with a new key, therefore I am now unable to access my data.