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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rapscallion, Nov 16, 2002.

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    I've had a search but not seen an answer to this one, so apologies if it's already been discussed.

    When I installed SP1 about a month ago I took the option of being able to uninstall it, just in case. Having now decided that I'm happy with it, is there a particular way of removing all the $Ntservicepackuninstall files (and are there any others elsewhere ?) Or is it just a matter of deleting those files from the windows directory.
  2. 2z

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    yep its as simple as that

    it will leave a dead entry in add & remove progams

    there is an option there to remove it

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    After you remove the $Ntservicepackuninstall folder you can go into Add/Remove and click on SP1. You will then get a message saying something like "can't find SP1 would you like to remove this entry from the Add/Remove list". Just say yes and it will be gone.
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    Once again, thanks to you guys with the XP-erience :) I now have an extra 210MB freed up.