XP SP1 Bug??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by davinwv, Sep 17, 2002.

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    After installing SP1 over a clean XP Home installation, whenever I switch from my user account to my wife's account using the "Log Off" option in the Start Menu when a dial-up connection is active, the mouse jumps to the upper left corner of the Welcome Screen. This behavior does not occur when a dial-up connection is not present. This behavior does not occur when a dial-up connection is active and I switch from her account to mine.

    Is this happening to anyone else?? It's no biggie, but it's just annoying.

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    M$ back to the drawing board to make a sp1a to fix all the sp1 bugs :)
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    i've noticed similar prob's @ times,ie when i click 2 shut down the mouse sudenly jumps 2 top left,only hapened a couple of times after sp1,hasn't done it recently
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    2hd's on separate buses(IDE and RAID), with bus failures and hd failures.. Interesting.. Gotta love SP1..

    On the plus side both my HD's are fine, along my my mobo.. XP just had a nice little tripout.
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    New Info

    I now know that this mouse bug is NOT related to an active dial-up connection, but related to being logged in on MSN Messenger when the user switch takes place. When I'm logged out, the mouse stays where it should.

    Any ideas?? (other than not using Messenger)

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    Okay, a bit of an update on this:

    The mouse jumping behavior is related to Windows Messenger. When I'm logged in, the mouse jumps when switching users. When I'm logged out, it doesn't occur.

    Here's the weird thing - if I log into Messenger on my wife's account, it doesn't occur. So, I thought it was a problem with my account. So, I deleted my account, rebooted, and recreated it. After recreating, the problem still occurs.

    Another thing I've noticed is that after my machine runs for a few days, the mouse jump does not occur when logged in to Windows Meessenger. But after a fresh boot, it always happens.

    Does anyone have any ideas?? This is really annoying!! Could there be residue of my previous user account still causing problems??

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    i recon there are some msn/sp1 isuse lurking somewere:(