XP slowing down after windows update? Look here.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PlagueWielder, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. If you updated your Windows XP and installed the Critical Windows Update 811493 (Buffer Overrun in Windows Kernel Message Handling) and your system has slowed down lately you might want to remove it. I dont know whats wrong with this update but it slows the computer down a lot.

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    There's a few "fixes" available at the moment that are buggy, they are from SP2 which is still in Alpha stage
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    Well after I installed that update my system became screwed! I totally lost all of my graphics support and was stuck at a 4bit color! So I used the restore to go back before the update. But damn what the hell is M$ doing? This is like the 3rd time an update has caused me problems.
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    That would explain why the new system I built was running slow like molasses. Got rid of it and everything seems the way it should be :)
  6. glad it helps. :)
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    stupid m$ lagged that hell out of my comp, i thought i had a virus or something till i figured this morning i would come check the forums for any kind of update :cool: good thing i was about to format my hd :huh:
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    The messed up hotfix is listed in add/remove programs. I just un-installed it and computer is back to it's normal self. If you read what MS says about it a user would have to log on locally to do any harm to your computer so I see the risk as low...for me at least.
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    Isn't that the way it is most of these patches. How often do you see people who have actually been compromised by these so called exploits/security problems? Compare that to the thousands (or is it millions) of people who have had problems with these on going security patches and the thousands of hours spent resolving them. Perusing various forums one sees post after post of problems that these 'critical patches' have created.

    I for one am very selective about the updates I choose. Unless it will somehow enhance my computer or resolve a specicfic problem I'm having (rare), I ignore them. The last time I was forced to reformat was because of an IE patch, not some arcane, mostly theoretical security breach.

    It is also for this reason I went to Mozilla, after seeing the dozens of updates for IE alone. I keep 2 images created with Drive image. A basic one (with SP1) on 4 cdr's, and a current one on a second partition. Don't need all those updates, less filling tastes great. When SP2 comes out I'll give it a shot, but with a fresh drive image waiting in the weeds.
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    To me that makes a lot of sense, I do basically the same, never seen any great running improvements by installing these patches