XP slower than WinME??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Scooby Doo, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. Scooby Doo

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    my win xp seems to be slower than win me. i think the reason behind this is the amount of processes running in the background. i've got the minimum programs i need running from start up by clicking start > run > msconfig > startup but when i click ctrl + alt + del > processes at the moment there's 26 processes running ( eg, SERVICES.EXE and LSASS.EXE ). does anyone know which of these processes i can stop running and how i stop them from start up

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    How much memory do you have?

    I recomend a minimum of 256megs to get XP really kicking.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your mother board chip-set.

    There are usually quite a few processes running

    How busy is your processor?

    You may find that WinXP can be slow after log-in - this is because although the system has given you the option to Log-in - it may not have finished booting.
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  4. Scooby Doo

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    i think you might be right about the ram, i've got 128, could maybe do with a bit of an upgrade i guess. thanks for the web site, i'll give it a look and see what it has to say.

    thanks again
  5. existenz

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    yeah, WinXP eats up more RAM than the other operating systems.

    but when I used XP with 128 MB SDRAM a few days ago, *i have 384 MB RAM now ^_^), it was fine.

    The only thing that I could notice was that Multi-tasking was slower...

    In ME, I could have Photoshop AND Half-Life opened, with 128 MB RAM.

    Can't really do in XP :D
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    did you turn any of the visualization settings like fading menus and stuff like that off?? They make windows seem pretty slow. You can turn some of the off by right clicking on my computer, choosing properties, click the advanced tab and clicking the settings button under performance.