xp slow browsing on nt 4 domain

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by waldoss, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. waldoss

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    We have upgraded (clean installs) some computers to XP connecting to a 4.0 domain.

    Everything works well but slow browsing to network shares on servers and

    workstations -- sometimes takes up to 30 seconds. This only occurs when first

    connecting to a share. Then it works well until the machine is restarted or isn't used

    for awhile. We are not using DNS for name resolution but are using WINS. All TCP/IP

    tools I have tried work well with no errors and name resolutions works fine. Do you

    have any ideas?

  2. ignipotentis

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    First of all, Network browsing works by broadcasting. I would sudgest you install the NWLink NetBios and NWLink IPX/SPX/ NetBios Compatible Protocols. Disable NetBios over tcp/ip so it only works on your lan. This will allow you to quicly recognize remote shares from older domains. These protocols are not installed by default. This should help out.
  3. The_Schwarz

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    Not true. That is what wins does.

    Windows XP does not use wins real well. Try setting up a dns server. It doesnt have to be on windows, it can be a linux box etc