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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DaveG, Apr 20, 2002.

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    Hi all, I have XP pro - when I go to shut down through start menu, XP goes through and saves settings and then through the apparent shut down process and then - windows starts up all over again - without any intervention from yours truly.
    It's like the perpetual motion machine, I shut it down and it starts up again - is this a conspiracy or wha? Has any one else struck this?
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    This has happened to me on a machine running Windows 98 a while ago. Never found out why it did that. I think it was something with the PC itself, not the OS. Maybe you want to go through the BIOS and make sure everything is how it should be.
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    Hi, Just a thought>> If you have Norton Systemworks2000,2001 or Norton Virus Scanner running on your system, turn it off before shutting down. This was happening to me and when I turned off the Virus scanner the unit shutdown correctly. The Virus Scanner will restart the next time you turn on computer.
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    If XP detects a problem when it shuts down it re starts itself to try and repair it, do a search on this site the question has been answered many times.