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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by knd1, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. knd1

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    Lately XP has been taking forever to shut down or even to reboot. Could this be due to a third party software or a setting in the registry. Anyway to tweak this problem? (only software i have running in background is NAV2002 and Kerio PFW). Thanks!
  2. djmorgan

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    If you have a nvidia video card then use drivers 23.11 and above

    If your still at a loss try this MSMVP site HERE
  3. knd1

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    shut down

    Thanks wonderworm. I Have KazaaLite and a couple of others. what would i look for in resolving software conflict when shutting down. Any settings in the REG? I dont have NVidia so that rules that out. Im using a laptop and when at home its connect to a network. Thanks!
  4. Khayman

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    could try changing thse reg keys

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

    HungAppTimeout & WaitToKillAppTimeout

    lower the values and see what happens
  5. knd1

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    shut down

    Thanks guys, I think I;ve got it. I lowered the value and it seems to work.
  6. allan

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    By the way, the Prefetch folder has absolutely nothing to do with shutdown time. It is a cache file that helps speed application loading and/or boot process (depending on the registry setting).

    Nor would an "application conflict" be a likely culprit in shutdown time. That might cause all sorts of problems, but you'd know about it long before you tried to close out.
  7. Xtrecate

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    You mentioned you had been using 3rd party tweaking programs. In nearly all of these you have the ability to enable 'clear pagefile on shutdown'.

    If this setting is enabled, disable it and you will find your shutdown time decreases, in some cases quite drastically. (Depends on the size of your pagefile).

    The advantage to clearing the pagefile at shutdown is slightly better system performance. You make the call, I have it enabled on a couple of my systems, and disabled on the rest.
  8. Tbird94sc

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    disable page file clearing during shutdown
  9. knd1

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    shut down

    I disabled the pagefile, it sure sped up the shut down process. Thanks again guys!