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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Womble, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Womble

    Womble Guest

    Last night I put my Win98Se CD in the drive to take a backup copy.
    It auto-played and came up with its menu.
    One of the options was to look at some movies to see the amazing graphic power of Win98, so just out of interest I decided to see what they looked like in XP.
    When I clicked on the play movies button, I got a message box telling me to put the Windows 98 SE CD in the drive – which it already was.
    Anyway, after unsuccessfully trying to do my backup, I powered down and went to bed.

    I’ve just had a call from my daughter telling me that the computer won’t boot.
    Says it can’t find NTLDR and to put a boot disk in A: !!!

    Did Win98 do this and what’s the best way to recover ?

    I haven’t created a set of XP boot disks, so I’m wondering whether I can boot directly off the XP CD.
    Then, would a system restore fix it or should I try repair system files (wherever that is) ?

    Thanks for any help.
    Cheers Womble
  2. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Was just wondering, will it boot in safe mode? If so system restore should work *fingers crossed* if not, then try reloading windows xp from the original installation disk. It gives you the option to repair the original installation, you may lose some files, but if you have them backed up on disk you should be ok. Ooh! when you repair the installation do not change the address it gives you for the original installation, I did and unwittingly ended up with a dual boot system. Which took ages to return to single boot. Other than that the only problem I can think of is maybe having to reinstall some of your software. Something like this happened to me and that's how I fixed it. Let me know how you get on.

  3. Womble

    Womble Guest

    Well, I got home and switched the computer on and, yup, it booted straight into XP.
    Kids eh ?

    Thanks anyway Eve (love your avatar - pose for it yourself ?)
  4. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Why yes, how did you guess? *LoL*