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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by smeghead, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. smeghead

    smeghead Guest

    How Much RAM does XP support I tried to install 512mb ram and 256mb ram. But it started to come up with blue screen errors. can anyone help.:(
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    XP will support as much as your motherboard can take. Check you m/b manual for correct installation parameters.
  3. Carbonize

    Carbonize Guest

    Blue Screen Error is usually caused by a bad stick of ram, or a bad ram socet on the mother board. (the latter is more rear)

    Borrow some ram from a frien and try. If that fails. Try swapping MB.
  4. Highwind7777

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    no, the former is more rare...usually if there are bad sectors on your ram, your computer will bypass them and not use them...if there's a bad socket on your mobo, you bios will prolly not detect there is a ram stick in there and just pretend there isnt so it dont matter...
  5. Carbonize

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    Well, I haven't experienced trouble with ram myself. But I've read quite a bit on this forum. And it seems, when XP gives off strange BSODs, most of the time ram is suggested source. (and often it is)
  6. jw50

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    smeghead, if your only question is how much ram XP supports then Lonman answered that (I think the absolute max is 3Gig but it could be higher).

    If your real question is why you got a blue screen after adding ram then you need to provide more info to assist people in helping you.

    Did XP run fine until you tried to add additional memory? What are the specs on the memory modules that you are using? Does the BIOS accurately recognize the memory? What are the exact error msgs that you are getting from Windows? The more detailed info you provide the easier it is for people to try to help you.
  7. OS-Wiz

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    First post, hi all, XP supports 4GB but most mobos can only handle 2GB of memory, XP puts rest on pageFile.
  8. OS-Wiz

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    My guess is your chipSet can't handle different sized sticks . . .
  9. smeghead

    smeghead Guest


    I have discoverd That the 512 mb of RAM I was installing was faulty so i have sent it back for a replacement. :)
  10. Freakzilla

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    This is probably late now but I had a BSOD with XP which was down to bad RAM. I built myself a P4 system and at first I thought the MOBO was buggered. Low and behold the second board produced the same errors so I then looked at RAM which proved to be the fault.