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  1. I got 2 separate log ons for one computer.XP Home edition. One for me and one for the wife. Tonight she logged in hers and Microsoft word was open. Why? I wasn't using word. And she never uses it. Why was it open? How did it open? I didn't open it in her profile. And no one else uses her or my profile. There isn't anyone else in the house. And last I checked the dog didn't have the ability to use a mouse !Makes it look like I'm snooping around her profile ! And I'm not !
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    Hey quirks happen now and then, one day I had shut down and when I rebooted there were like 5 drive windows open. Now noone opene dthem windows just decided it wanted them open :p
  3. Ok I'll tell her that again.
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    it's those damn xp goblins inside your case! ;)