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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by swishy4mbg, Aug 30, 2002.

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    I'm having trouble with one of my pc's that is running XP Pro. It seems to be randomly having power problems ( i think ). Sometimes when booting it seems to hang up & just sit at the progress screen. This happens often & will go on for several hours if i didnt power it off. This same thing sometimes happens when trying to reboot. Just recently it decided that it likes to randomly shut itself off. Im baffled. Any help or suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!

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    my PC used to restart at of no where with XP. Don't know why or how i fixed it but it stopped. I know you probably dont want to do this but formatting and reinstalling might help (if not already done 10 times like i did :p ) Also make sure the system has all the updates...XP seemed to have a lot of bugs in it.

    or thats just my opinion
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    what you need to do is check your motherboard's manufacture for the latest firmware. Another thing you can do is search Google for Bios settings for Windows XP. Windows XP requires to be in full control of the Motherboard resources - I had heaps of problems with WinXP initially on my board too (blue screens/ freezing/ not booting) - all because of the Bios settings - I was surprised how much it affected the system.