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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brickcounter, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. brickcounter

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    I have a recently installed XP Pro o/s, and I've done something to upset it. On start up, everything is normal right up to and including the desktop, when one would then begin use. However mine continues in some activity for about 2 minutes, during which no action is possible. Once this activity ceases, everything works normally. Nothing is apparent from the Event Log, although it does show that the ms services are not activated until the end of the 2 minute period. One thing it does at an early stage of the 2 minutes is to check the floppy drive, so perhaps its looking for something?
    Does anybody know what it is doing, and how I can stop it?
  2. westy1

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    Check out MSCONFIG to see what you have loading, you maybe able to stop things loading at start-up that you dont need.
  3. fitfella29

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    ive got the same problem too even with no programs starting up there is a still a pause for about 60 seconds before it will let me do anything,it`s like the comp is searching for something but i dont know what it is.its doing my head in!
  4. firehawk

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    Setting the workstation service to disabled should fix the issue.
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    Make sure the BIOS is set to boot in the following order:


    Give more information about your system, if your on a LAN it might be taking that long to setup the network connections, or maybe the same thing for your broad-band connection if you have one. Righ-Click on "My Computer" go to "Properties" go to the "Hardware" tab, click "Device Manager," check and see if there is anything that has bad drivers.
  6. fitfella29

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    ive just installed the update for easy creator 5 from roxio and my start up is much faster now i dont have to wait 60 seconds or so to beable to do anything.maybe this has fixed it??
  7. brickcounter

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    Disabling Workstation and its dependant services worked for me, and I don't appear to have lost anything I need.
    Thanks for the suggestion Firehawk, thanks also to Westy and you other guys for your ideas.
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    The same delayed boot is on my laptop that is running XP pro. Both my systems are running XP pro, but some times the laptop does not want to boot regardless of what has been msconfig(ed).
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    Melbourne Australia
    So where does one find the 'workstation'? :confused:
    My problem is that some programs start straight away while others take a long time. At other times there is no delay. Can't figure this one out.
  10. Jz1397

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    Download a program called Startup Control Pannel 2.7. You can tweak everything about your start up, or download X-Setup