XP Pro saves slow on SBS2000

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by yves, May 29, 2002.

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    We have a SBS2000-server, with mixed clients : XP-Pro, Win2000, Win98 and Me. All clients have Office XP installed.

    After a client opens for example 3 small Excell-files (30 kB) and makes some changes to 1 of these files, the saving of this file (or exiting Excell) takes at least 30 seconds. This behaviour only occurs on the XP-boxes.

    We checked our network : we connected only the server and 1 XP-client on a switch (to avoid collisions, bad cables, ...) and the problem remained.

    We then connected a second XP-client to the switch and shared the drive. We tried then saving the Excell-files to this shared drive on the other XP-client and this worked just fine.

    So we think the problem originates from the interaction of XP and SBS2000. Does anyone have a clue on what can cause this problem?

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    What is your RWIN on the server setup as? Windows XP uses QoS to autoplex the connection. Since XP uses a higher RWIN than most other OS's, they may be conflicting. I had a similar problem with my Samba server and my XP Machines. The XP machines would communicate fast, but communication between XP and Linux would be slower. To fix my problem, I simply moved the Samba server to another switch. This way XP uses default QoS over the uplinks (rather than turning QoS off).