XP Pro on NT 4 Network | Runs Intranet site

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Zero Hour, May 20, 2003.

  1. Zero Hour

    Zero Hour Guest

    I have been HUNTING on the net for ages to find a solution to my problem.
    The setup:
    XP system:
    • XP Pro SP1
    • ALL patches on Windows Update
    • Actual Net BEUI protocol added
    • TCP/IP Net BEUI enabled
    • IIS 5.1 with PHP and MySQL (all latest)

    Intranet dev site setup (on the XP box):
    I have setup the system for developing work for a new intranet.
    I added new.intranet into the hosts file with my machines network IP. It has been added to the proxy bi-pass list.

    Intranet site currently (on NT 4 machine):
    It has no PHP or MySQL. It uses the same hosts methord for people to access it with "intranet" in IE.

    The problem:
    When on the XP machine, I try to access new.intranet in internet explorer it seems to take 3-5 seconds to resolve my machines ip and start to load the page. I have checked to make sure it is not a IIS issue by running Apache and it had the same problems.
    If I access "intranet" in IE though it is almost instant at resolving to the NT 4 machine. I believe it is a XP problem but I cant find a solution to it.
    Please could someone give me some ideas to test.

  2. 03bigMark03

    03bigMark03 Guest

    Perhaps it's a DNS catching issue. Try adding your dev name and IP to the host file.

    Also, how did you get PHP and MySQL to interact with IIS?
  3. Zero Hour

    Zero Hour Guest

    Hi Mark,
    I think u know me through msn?
    There are tutorials for integrating the 2 on the net.
    I used the cgi version btw.
  4. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    getting PHP and MySQL on IIS is not that hard, personally though I would not use the CGI version, but thats your own choice.
    for the main page of the XP server is there any PHP code? It could be the CGI slowing the response time, though I dont think it would be that large a difference.

    Also are you using any WINS or internal DNS servers? Has the XP machine been added to those?
  5. 03bigMark03

    03bigMark03 Guest

    I do know you danceathems didn't have time to look at your name (was sleepy), ok ill look for intergration.