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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alexibm, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. alexibm

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    Hey everyone..........I cant Install XP from Windows 98.......I want to make Clean Install

    1. from Windows 98 I open XP installation
    2. I choose Adanvanced mode
    3.I give my serial Number
    4. PC boots up to main XP installation
    5. I try to choose to delete partition but it refuses to do so....it tells me that there are some intallation files on the partition I try to delete.

    So how to make clean intall in my case

    ( PS I followed the documentation)
  2. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Guest

    Can you boot from the WinXP CD? If your asking me, thats the way to install XP... by booting from the CD.

    Once you do you can select to create, delete, or format partitions. That should give you a pretty clean install. I'm not much into upgrades. Clean is the way to install ;)

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar
  3. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Guest

    You obviously can't format or fdisk if you start your XP installation from WITHIN Win98... Have you ever tried to format your SYSTEM partition from within Win98? It just doesn't work that way.

    Willem Moolenaar
  4. alexibm

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    so I sould start installation from CD-rom, instead of Win98
  5. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Guest

    yes sir,

    If you've backed up everything that's precious to you, I suggest you insert your WinXP cd, (make sure you have your bios settings to allow booting from CD, and make it so it checks the CDRom first for bootable media) and then you just go with the flow.

    WinXP will ask at a certain moment if you want to DELETE partitions, CREATE new ones, or even FORMAT the partitions (QUICK of FULL). You can even select to format using NTFS / FAT32. My fav is NTFS...

    Go for it bro, and remember to backup you valuable data!

    Willem Moolenaar
  6. alexibm

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    Thank you for help
    I will certainly try to do this later today.