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    anybody know how much it would cost to legitimately buy a corp edition? juss wonderin
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    I would think it depends on how many computers you're going to use it for. But I'm not sure. Sorry.
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    its the same price as a Windows XP Pro OEM licence which is around £100 per user dunno in dollars. corporate edition is just a piece of paper with details of where to access your keys from MS Passport,and you get a media cd with it (Os with no key)
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    Because Corp is a volume license, they're probably only like $150 or so per license, but because of the "volume" you probably have to buy like 50 or 100 licenses at a time to get Corp licenses

  5. Alan

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    As a individual you cannot buy Xp Pro Corp Edition, but you can buy Xp Pro.

    Hope this helps you
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    *cough* *cough* remember... according to the eula you dont own windows.....you just buy the right (or the privelege because if you violate the eula you lose all the rights) to use the operating system.... kinda makes me almost want to switch to linux.... almost...
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    I tried Mandrake Linux once, didn't really care for it alot but if I had to I would switch to Linux. :rolleyes:
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    You may get a volume license by purchasing as few as five copies. You don't even have to be a corporation. You and four buddies could go in on it together if you wanted to.