XP Pro And Word 2000 Compatability Issues

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kassellc, Apr 8, 2002.

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    Were running Word 2000 on Windows XP Professional and are currently having several notable problems. These include:

    1. Word can take upto 60 seconds to save a document.
    2. Word will lock up for upto 10 mins when opening a document. During this time Task Manager will say Word is not reponding. After the 10 mins Word will suddenly start responding and function properly!
    3. When switching between another application to Word the screen will super-impose leaving an image of the old screen (ie Outlook) over the Word document.

    All these problems relate to memory issues but as of yet we have been unable to resolve.

    Has anybody solved these issues or having the same issues themselves?

    Please help - this issue is driving me insane!


    Chris Kassell
  2. Qumahlin

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    I've seen these issues on a few of the workstations at my company...so far no fix has been found that I know of..I just consider it MS's gentle way of whispering "buy office XP" into our ears.
  3. kassellc

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    Unfortunately i think you could be right although if a known issue Microsoft should address the issue as they claim the two are compatible!
  4. gonaads

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    You might want to go here and see if there are any updates need for Word 2000. I'm using Works Suite 2001 with Word 2000 SR1 included in it , it seems to work fine. But different machines different problems.

  5. kassellc

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    I have the latest service pack for Office 2000 and every critical update installed.