XP pro and win 2000 dual boot?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jphenrick, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. jphenrick

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    I have an NTFS drive(120GB) formatted as one partition with xp pro

    Is there a way to partition the drive and install win 2000?

    the set up is diabled if u try now as win 2000 is older operating system


  2. Sazar

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    the way to do it is to install another operating system and THEN install winxp... always easiest coz winxp is not happy about allowing you to install other o/s's

    I used to have win2k and winxp dual boot... install win2k and create partitions if you want... then when you install winxp you will be asked if you want to overwrite or create new partition... create new one or install in a previously created partition...

    and there you are :)
  3. jphenrick

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    Thanks Sazar

    Is there a way without re-installing Xp as my machine was pre-loaded when purchased and i have installed loads of software already


  4. jkoXP

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    are you serious? one partition....... wow.......
  5. jphenrick

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    Yes machine is one 120GB partition machine was pre-installed by Mesh Computers
  6. visuelz

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    i have dual harddrives. I made them RAID 80 gigs....i dont see anyone saying wow to that.