XP Pro and Office 97.

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  1. I'm working on ordering 50 new machines for my work, and I've included Windows XP Professional as the O/S.

    99% of the APP's that I'll put on them will be fine, but I'm wondering if anyone has use Office 97 on XP Pro? Any problems that you see? :confused:
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    works fine, runs great, loads instantly....
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    In reference to problems with Microsoft Windows XP pro/sp2 and Office '97 SR2b. We plan to deploy several systems with XP pro/sp2 and Office '97 and have run into a problem with the setup. Microsoft Word Office '97........ Tools-->Options.... The Spelling & Grammar tab is ghosted for clients setup on the XP box as power users. If the client is setup as an administrator the tab is not ghosted.

    The computers are all running Microsoft Windows XP with all critical updates as of December 5th, 2005. I have taken a look at Microsofts knowledge base for Office products and of course there is no mention of the problem. For that matter.......no support for Office '97

    I believe the problem occurred with the last security update for Windows XP pro sp2.

    R. Dewey


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    There are problems with Windows XP pro and office '97.