XP Plus! and 8mb Graphics Card

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by CaptainWallaby, May 10, 2002.

  1. I have a laptop with an S3 8mb video card. I recently installed XP and all is fine and works well. Everything is even a bit faster! So I went and bought XP Plus!
    When I tried to install it I was told that because I only had an 8mb card, list of things wouldn't be installed.
    Some of these things were screensavers and games.
    I accepted this and didn't really mind.
    A while ago I saw the link to the Windows XP 3D screensaver (the fluttering thing) and downloaded it. It works fine and looks good. I then noticed that this too required at least a 16mb card.
    So now I'm thinking that my card CAN handle the parts of Plus! that I'm not allowed.
    My question is: can I fool XP into thinking I really do have more than 8mb? Is this possible? And also, XP Plus! users, is it worth it?
    I hope someone can give me some ideas here.
    Many thanks.
  2. Outlaw21

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    XP Plus is the biggest waste of money since Microsoft Bob.
  3. stuy_b

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    You should have read the text clearly printed on the box, which states you need a powerful graphics card and PC to run Plus!. Bet your thinking "doh"!! :)
  4. Gee that's funny

    Maybe if I said that Plus! was included on The XP Professional CD that I bought in Bangkok for the equivalent of 6 USD you might condescend to give me an answer instead of facetious remarks? Thanks for nothing.
  5. seeme

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    lol, settle petal! i think his remark was in jest..its amusing that the people on these threads automatically think that everyone has bought their version of Win XP. from memory mine cost about 70 cents - which was the cost of the blank cd-rw that I copied it onto

    I wouldnt have a clue how to solve the problem of tricking XP into thinking you have a better video card.

  6. Shamus MacNoob

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    Your not missing much as it said a few screensavers ( which by the way hog resouces) better to set the power saver and have moniter go blank ( will increase the life of moniter in long run by a few years) and the games are so, so nothing to write home about so I would not worry to much ..................
  7. stuy_b

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    Keep ya pantyhose on CaptainWallaby, I was joking :rolleyes: i suggest you drop your attitude and lighten up. You need a beter graphics card as "seeme" suggested.

    Again, both XP & Plus, clearly state the minimum requirements.. if you go buy pirate software, then what do you expect.. my XP& Plus was bought legitimitly, I may be broke, but I dont have to worry about the police raiding me! lol :)
  8. Thanks

    Cheers to Kermit and seeme, nice to get some help. And commiserations to all those who spent money on Plus! It really is a waste of money. If you read the orignal post you'd see I'm talking about a laptop. Replacing the card isn't really an option then, is it? As for attitude, I came here with a simple question and got given a bunch of annoying, childish replies. Well, this is my first trip to one of these "helpful" places and I won't be back. If you hadn't spent so much money on your software you might be able to afford to get out more.
  9. stuy_b

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    Bye then!
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    hehehehahahahohoho!! lol
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    damn...ive just done poo poo again in my diapers, ill need to go get mummy to clean me up again. i hate being childish.
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    ohh mummy can u tuck me up in bed and sing me a lullaby
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    while everyone is talking about how cheap they obtained Windows XP...

    ... I received my version from M$ itself! All I had to do was to eat some leftovers from the 'party' about Office XP (which I also got for free drom M$!) six months earlier, listen to a very dull 'trainer' for 3 hours and then I got finally my version of Windows XP HE from the M$ stewards. Thank you Microsoft! I just spared out about 1000 euro's!