XP on C: 98 on D: dual boot

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by twiztid, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. twiztid

    twiztid Guest

    i have a 40 gig split into 2: c: 35 gigs, d: 5 gigs both fat 32
    i want to dual boot cuz i cant game in xp
    i want xp in C: and win98 in D:

    i know how to do this but how do u make 98 install to D:?
    i choose the install directory to be D:\windows but it still put program files and other dirs in C:\
    this is all i need to figure out, then i just install xp and its all setup
  2. zman

    zman Guest

    i think you have to install 98 first on C: and XP on D:

    Just like a 2K dual boot

    I cant understand why people do dual boot XP as everything which runs on 98, ME and 2K runs on XP ....

    What games you haveing problems with ?
  3. twiztid

    twiztid Guest

    not everything runs fine. all 3d games dont work, maybe u never heard of the deadly nvidia infinate loop bug

    there has to be a way to put 98 on d:. in the setup.txt it says "if u plan on installin 98 on a diff drive..." but doesnt say how
  4. PCPup

    PCPup Guest

    So is your dilema redefining the partition size for each OS? Basically want the majority of the HDD space for XP?

    If that's the case, it would be a hell of alot easier useing partitionMagic and redistributeing the free space from C:\ to D:\

    If that's not the case could ya provide alittle more info as to why you would like Win98 on D:\ ther might be a better work around. From what I have heard it is not wise to have that set-up.