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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hensoneno, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Hensoneno

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    I know I've seen this posted somewhere before, but whenever I try to open my word program the windows installer window opens and aske me to insert the windows xp pro disk??? So i just click cancel a bunch and then the program opens with no further incident??? Zup wi dat?:rolleyes:
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    HAHA this problem again, I had this just happen to me, and it is in beleive it or not, one of the files in your xp. Now, as far as I could tell there was a file in the prefetch and the installer it'self. There is however a patch, out there and I am not sdure where though that remedy's the problem however I just wemnt and downloaded the new installer .. and everything went fine. But I still can't load up anything .. 2 times in a row without problems occuring .. it is some silly protection thing.. MS has up there HOOH
    OO to stop pirating. But what do ya do !
  3. Sooo thats the cause of it then:mad: that has happened to me a few days ago, and i just removed office xp and installed it....and it seems to be ok now i think:eek:
    but if you find the patch to fix this let me knw:rolleyes:

  4. I am experiencing this now!! and it is getting on my nerves:mad: is there a fix for this any1:confused:
  5. Hi guys i need help on this:eek: :eek:

    can you help me solve this problem:rolleyes:
  6. phishhead

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    damn them...it started happening to me...opened word and bam please insert cd message...does the same with any office xp app...so anyone have a fix...come on
  7. Robearl2x

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    I was experiencing the same problem until I finally noticed it only occured after running Fix-it utilities' All in one Wizard. This may be unique to my system but it definately was the cause of the problem. I would have to reinstall word to get it to run normally without the windows installer requesting the XP pro CD.
  8. phishhead

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    San Diego, California
    I think you are on to something..i use ontrack too and i think I recently did a all in one check and tried word last night and bam ...please insert office xp cd.. does any one else having this prob use ontrack? lets see if Robearl2x is right

  9. HI guys i too use ontack system suite:D so i will check this out tonight and see if this is a problem link;)