XP & NTFS Networking Issues

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by trethacker, Nov 14, 2003.

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    2 XP Pro machines. One Fat32 and One NTFS.
    1 Router/Switch (linksys).
    1 Cable Modem.

    The NTFS machine is not allowing access to files from the FAT32 machine and the two machines will not connect to each other to allow for networking (LAN) games to work.
    Other machines on the network are all FAT32 and all connections work.

    Is this an NTFS issue and if so, what could cause?

    (All machines have all drives shared and 'allow others to change files' is on for al machines as well.)

    Please...... HELP!

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    Make sure both computer have identical username and password combinations. User A must be on PC B and vice versa. BTW, it is generally not a good idea to share entire drives.
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    also the filing system that is being used doesnt have much bearing on the network except with NTFS's security permissions, you might need to add "Everyone" or "The World" to the access permissions
    this is only with regard to file sharing on an NTFS hard drive though
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