xp not stable after security patch

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by madjack75, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. madjack75

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    I recently updated xp pro with the so called critical updates from microsoft - big mistake. when i got home from xmas trip last night, i noticed my machine was rendered useless. i was running xp pro and had zero problems before this patch. now it does not reboot correctly. in fact, when i reboot, it gets to the screen where i can choose to enter safe mode or use a previous config to boot. choosing either option is useless. it does not reboot. i've even encounted a blue screen...zoiks!

    should i use the repair tool? should i format...no not an option yet.

    what exactly caused this problem? obviously the patch..but what specifically is the problem here?

    anyone have similiar problems?

    happy new year..thanks microsoft for lost productivity.:D
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    What's the message you're getting?
  3. Akash

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    hmm interesting
    I built a machine for my mom and brother.... installed XP
    Once everything was ready, all i was waiting for was my hub and then to set moms machine up before it went live in her room.

    I updated it fine.
    Then the sec. patch came out... installed that
    and petty things like ICQ wouldnt run. it would run, the minute you press disconnect, it would crash.
    Yahoo msg'er also messed about.
    The system itself became very unstable, lagged a lot etc.
    I am going to be formatting it as soon as i get home tomorrow but its an interesting thought that im not the only one.

    I now wonder if i should apply that patch once im done formatting.
  4. madjack75

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    the blue screen i get tells me to remove any antivirus software. i can't figure out how to remove antivirus software if i can't even boot to safe mode. this is my main problem right now.

    i've already ran chkdsk /r using the repair option in the xp installation cd. that seemed to clear up the blue screen error of
    "unmountable boot volume"

    i think the root of the problem was Roxio's ez cd creator software. after burning a few disks last week, my machine was unstable and shaky as a prostitute in confession.
  5. Speed4Ever

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    If EZCD (Oxymoron :D ) was the cause of the problem, you may have indeed hosed your installation. I dont have EZCD anymore, so I dont have much experience in it. But from many that I have heard from, they had to do a clean install all over again.

    Just to clarify, did you do a complete repair, or just a bootsector repair?
  6. madjack75

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    back to plan c

    well, after a wasted saturday and part of a sunday, i've decided to go back to os hell. i never thought i would do it but I am going to run win98se until more xp compatible software is available.

    thanks for the help.