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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by conn2, Jan 11, 2002.

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    I 've just installed little domestic network between my Desktop in Win XP (PC-XP) and my Labtop on Win98 (PC-98)

    - PC-XP is sharing a broadband connection and is on a peer to peer network,
    - PC-XP can see PC-98 and access all shared drives on PC-98
    - PC-98 can use the Internet

    However, PC-98 can see the PC-XP machine but can not access shared folder on PC-XP

    an "Unknown Error 31" is reported when attempting to access PC-XP shared files from PC-98

    Looking for your helps - Thanks by advance

    Below is my Networking configuration
    -Drives on PC-XP are shared in a simple mode ( everyting is allowed)
    - ICS on PC-XP NOT ACTIVE (box unchecked)
    Connexion on PC-XP under Adminstrator name with no psw(blank)
    Connexion on PC-98 with the same (user) name with no PSW
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    Have you got " microsoft file and print services " turned on the 98 machine ?
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    File Sharing problem on XP solved


    Thanks for your reply but I finally found what went wrong in my networking configuration.

    "Microsoft file and print services" was turned on in my Win98 Machine (in fact, as I had no problem to access 98 machine HDD drives from my XP box)

    The problem was that I did think that HDD Drives on my XP Box were shared in a simple mode when, for each HDD drive on XP machine, I right clicked and then checked the "Share and security" item. It was not true !
    My configuration was incomplete: The files were shared but NOT in A SIMPLE MODE ! The conséquent was that Win98 machine had no right to access XP Machine folders (due to security control of Windows XP)

    To solve the problem, I had to execute "Control folders" (Start menu then "execute" "control folders" ) and then put a cross on item "Sharing in simple mode" ( the las question in the menu)

    And there, everything was all right