XP Networking Speed problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kReVy, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. kReVy

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    I am running XP Pro on server machine and win 95 on client (as its too slow for win98, but problem was the same in windows 98)

    i have the XP firewall active, aswell as ZA Pro 2.6.362,

    When i am on the xp machine and copy and paste a file to the win 95 shared folder, its ultra slow (can take 50minutes for 800mb)

    But if i go downstairs onto the win 95 machine, and copy the file from the xp shared dir, its A LOT quicker, (like 8minutes for 800mb)

    The NIC i have isnt the best, itsa very cheap card, but am confused as too why this speed difference

    its a REALTEK RTL8139 FAST ETHERNET NIC, and both machines have this same card.

    just hoping someone may know the problem.

    Thanks very much, and hello too everyone here
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    First off, turn off one of those firewalls. Either XP or ZoneAlarm. Not both. Next, go through your networking protocols and remove the ones you don't need, like IPX/SPX, etc. You really only need TCP/IP, File/Printer sharing, NetBIOS on the XP machine, NetBEUI on 95.

    Next, go into your NIC properties and set the link speed at either 10M or 100M half/full duplex, depending on what you're running. That should help some.
  3. kReVy

    kReVy Guest

    Changed firewalls

    Ok i got rid of ZA & XP firewall, and installed Sygate pro 5, only the needed protocols are installed, and link speed is set too 100 full duplex, thats the part i dont quite understand,

    Does that mean that i should have 100 speed in both directions? (i know it wont actually be 100)

    I tried changing these duplx settings, but still have the same problem

    Thanks again
  4. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    XP sharing to earlier windows versions are slow no matter what you do, XP to XP is better.

    NeoWatch is a good firewall and lets you check "Allow LAN connections" :)


  5. kReVy

    kReVy Guest

    just gave Neowatch 2.4 a go, is a nice firewall, but has no outbound app blocking, so is really no good for me.

    The reason i have windows 95 on the other machine, is that its too slow a machine too run anything else, its just for my Girlfreind too check her emails etc, but i also use it as extra storage, and if i wanna transfer something big, it seems strange how i have too go to the win95 machine too copy it over, otherwise it takes forever.
    I spoke to JJ in the irc channel, he sees to think it was something too do Netbuei on the 95 machine, i removed it, but doesnt seem much different. (except that ICS will now only work if ZA is set too LOW security)

    So back too sygate firewall, Disableing "generic hosts for win32 services" closed up the Port 135, and all is back too normal.

    Thanks for your advice, i guess i need to advise my girfreind too get a better PC:p
    then as you said have XP - XP:)

  6. JJB6486

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    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    I beleive i gave you some information in the chatroom. Did that solve your problem?

  7. kReVy

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    yes thx JJ,

    look at last post
    the speed hasnt changed since doing what you suggested, i think Unisol is right about the client being win95 maybe.

    i'll try some tests with the duplex/half duplex settings, then i'll give up.
    should be getting a better 2ndPC soon, so i'll have xp - XP:)

    Thx again
  8. CGCCdream

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    full duplex...

    just mean that both receiving packets and sending packets can both take place at the same time.