XP / ME Network (ME will not save settings)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by paulpeck, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. paulpeck

    paulpeck Guest

    strange strange strange.

    I have got both machine running connected and ics, etc EVERYTHING works, pass files, share printers (both ways no problem) until I reboot the ME machine, then it seems to loose all its settings

    I have to run the NETSETUP.EXE again, and everything works, until I reboot.

    Then I have to run the NETSETUP.EXE again

    (hmmmmm I can see a pattern here)

    Anyone have any ideas why ME will not save the settings when I reboot the ME machine
  2. Bocs

    Bocs Guest

    check in the ME pc that Client for Microsoft networks is installed ... and not the Windows network setting .... i have had this prob before and installing CFMN (Client for M/S networks) have done the job ..... also make sure there is a user setup in the XP pc (providing this is yr 'server')
  3. paulpeck

    paulpeck Guest

    checked em

    ok ms client is inastalled and being used.

    still have no idea why the settings are not being saved when the Windows ME machine reboots.