XP logon screen is gone...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Blizzbaby, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Blizzbaby

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    Hi all,

    Great new board here!!

    I recently installed PC Anywhere 10.5 and now my Welcome screen has been disabled by it. Does anyone know a work-around to fix this??

  2. kingnothing

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    I've heard of this with PC Anywhere before. Apparently it now controls your windows login, so besides anything that Norton (or is it Symantec) has on their support section, I haven't heard of a fix.
  3. Blizzbaby

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    Thanks for replying...I guess I will uninstall it.

  4. beatlesdb

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    When you installed Norton - you would have seen a warning about:
    "pcAnywhere 10.0 installs an older version of MSGINA which controls the logon screen"

    This is the problem you are experiencing - it's not that Norton is controling the logon - but that it uses an older version of MSGINa as is not compatible with the one for XP - same thing if you try to install support for Novell.
  5. MdSalih

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    MSGINA - Information about that completly true nice 1 "beatlesdb" :)

    I saw a fix for it somewhere but don't know where!!! :(

  6. Lactic.Acid

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    Why PC Anywhere? XP's Terminal Services work great for remoting your pc. You could also use VNC from AT&T, though that's a little slower, but is more availble across platforms.
  7. jw50

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    If you go back to the main page and click on Archives, then on Tips and Tricks you will find a post titles: XP: ReEnable welcome Screen. This will tell you how to get your welcome screen back.
  8. zwinflame

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    I posted that tip to renable the welcome screen. Its a very easy registry tweak. Infact you have to delete a key and you'll get your XP logon screen back!

    Check in the main page. Its still up there or else search for archives for yesterday!

    'Reenable XP logon screen'