XP Logging into NDS getting 16 bit errors

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bodie, Jul 16, 2002.

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    I am seeking broader input on this issue as our Corporate 3rd level IT support have not found an answer to this, or simply aren't communicating it.

    I use XP pro on a notebook with the NetWare client v4.83 installed. When logging into our corporate NDS network, the login script runs, then displays error: "Insufficient memory to run 16 bit applications"

    I can simply click OK to get rid of the error, the script continues and when I'm logged into Windows XP does allow me to run our 16 bit apps off the local server, only now performance of the 16 bit subsystem is quite poor. Any suggestions of what I can check or adjust in XP to improve performance?
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    Windows NT/2000/XP have terrible 16-bit application support. You must have some other pretty old comptuers/software on your network if most of your essential programs are 16-bit. If you have problems running older applications, try running them in Compatability mode for Windows 95 or 98. If they still won't run the applications are too old to work on a modern OS like In XP.

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    Thanks for your reply. I agree the support for legacy apps is not good, but in our environment we do have some essential software installed onto our NetWare 4.11 (NDS) servers which we attach to via the NetWare Client.

    I have a feeling our container login scripts need some tidying up, but was really after some enhancements or tweaks to boost performance levels for 16 bit apps in XP.

    Thanks Just the same...