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    XP is locking up on me when ever it fills like it. I will be working away and bang locked up. Now this as been going on for some time now and it is just starting to get to me and I don’t no way it is doing it.

    This is the spec off my computer: 1 GHz P III, Abit se6 mother board with 398 Meg of ram which is only pc 100.Gefore 3 with 64 Meg ddr ram which is Elsa. And all so I have only got a power supply off 250w.An Adaptec 2940 uw.128 creative sound card. Two 4.5 UW hard drive’s, Plus a 2.5 g U hard drive, And one Ide hard drive which is 10 g.

    I hope some one may no what it is, Or if any of you have add this problem to. It does it when ever it fill like it there is no time to when it locks I could work all day on it or I could have just put it on and lock and then it just go's on and on after that...Its good job that it as not lock up when writing this...
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    Try checking the Event Viewer to see if that will give you an idea of what programs or processes may be causing the problem.
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    lock up

    Thanks for replaying I am really new to xp .Where is the event viewer..
  4. max man 3d

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    lobk up

    Thanks for replying but I am really new to XP where is the Event Viewer ,How do I get to it..
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    i had the same prob...........

    i had the same problem with my P3 600 Mghz, anything i view with alot of processor usage, my PC locks up and doesnt respond (ctrl+alt+delete and mouse pointer doesnt work!). i tried formatting but it didnt work, i also tried adding more RAM and it didnt work also. my last resort was, i had to change my processor. now i have a P3 1.2 Ghz, and a new motherboard. now everything works fine!

    im not saying that your problem is the processor or motherboard, its just a suggestion. if all else fails, this is your last resort.
  6. max man 3d

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    lock up

    That is a bit over top but I was think about up grading.But it would be nice to find out what it is if I could as well just in case the same problem comes back at some point you never no.And you can just keep ugrading just to fix problems all the time.But thanks any way and glad that you have fix your lock up as it is a real pain when it keeps doing it.
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    click start, control panel, then look in administrative tools.
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    Ok I am getting some really good feed back from you all.I have just found the event viewer now after your helped and I
    see that there is a lot off problems in there and was just wondering if I upload save files from it would some one
    have a look at it and give me some Idea as to what could be wrong with my computer.I dont really want to go got and spend a load more money on new bits if I dont really have to just to fix a problem it sound mad to that I dont need it .But saying that if there is a problem that i can not fixed then I dont mind doing it as this problem is driveing me mad now.And I am not getting any off my work done that I need to be getting on with and not trying to work out what is wrong.