XP install only finds one partition

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PaulK, May 18, 2008.

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    I'm trying to set up a dual-boot environment on my new Vista laptop, w. a nominally 250 GB hard drive. It is partitioned with ~205 GB for the Vista partition, 10 GB for the HP recovery partition, and 17 GB for the intended XP install.

    I'm using the XP Pro sp1 install disk from an old junked Dell computer. But it only finds one partition; oddly of 130GB, which doesn't match any of the existing partitions. I used GParted to make the partitions, which is fine with Vista; it can see them all. I've tried making the target XP partition the active partition, I've tried deleting the partition & leaving it as unallocated, no luck.

    I guess there's some limitation in XP 1 install that it can't see disks more than a certain size? Is there any way around this in the install?

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    you need SP2 as sp1 (i think) doesnt see more than 137GB, your best off getting SP3 and slipstreaming it into xp disc
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    Thing also to remember after sorting out a slipstreamed disc, if you install XP after Vista , the Vista bootloader will have to be prompted to see the XP partition.
    You can load the Vista DVD and reboot with it and choose the option to Repair / the start up process .
    The option to boot into either system will then be available.