XP install freezes

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JDogg, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. JDogg

    JDogg Guest

    I'm trying to do a clean install of xp pro, but when i boot off the cd the install will hang at the part where it says "setup is starting windows". I've tried to run the install from windows but i encounter the same problem. I've run the hardware compatibility wizard and it checks out fine. I'm running the install off of a toshiba DVD-ROM drive, hopefully installing onto a brand new maxtor 60 gb HD. I've also tried to run the install on my other computer, where it works fine. Any help would be appreciated...
  2. allan

    allan Guest

    One thought - you might want to try a bios update.
  3. JDogg

    JDogg Guest

    the video card is a geforce 2 mx
  4. JDogg

    JDogg Guest

    i flashed the bios and it worked..thanks for the help guys
  5. MDurai

    MDurai Guest

    I need some help too!

    Hey everyone,
    I'm having pretty much the same problem as well as a black screen whenever I try the upgrade option.
    Here are my system specs:

    nVidia GeForce2 MX 200
    AMD Duron 800MHz Processor
    256MB SDRAM
    SB16 Sound Card
    Soyo K7VTA-Pro MotherBoard
    Maxtor 40GB Hard Disk
    Thats pretty much the basics

    I've tried the BIOS upgrade,
    But it didnt help,
    I know it worked,
    But Hmm....
    What should I do now?
    I will do anything needed,
  6. jonocainuk

    jonocainuk Guest

    someone mentioned using smartdrv and it works.

    also, the same guy said without smartdrv (which is default install conditions) it took like 40mins to get past that screen :-/

    good luck
  7. MDurai

    MDurai Guest

    Thanks for the help!
    But it was nvidias GF2 MX 200 and my Via KT133a Chipset,
    That pretty much hindered my system to not let me install XP,
    But I just swapped Graphic Cards and I'm on XP now!
    Its so great!