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  1. ertanp

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    I've set up 2 XPs with internet connection sharing and the server connected to the internet via ADSL.

    Both systems work ok except that :

    The client can not install ICQ;
    The client can not ping or connect to some web sites like www.icq.com, www.ibm.com, etc.
    The server can connect to these sites w/o any problem.

    The DNS setting on the client is ok and finds out the correct IP.

    The client can connect to many other sites without problems.

    Could anybody tell me what the problem might be ?
  2. JJB6486

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    Are your DNS servers set to so they proxy through the host box? This causes a lot of problems. You should manuallt set your client computer's DNS servers to the public IPs (as set on the DSL Modem's NIC).

  3. ertanp

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    The client computers DNS is set to a public IP.

    Could it be the timeout value on the client ?
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    did you run any ICS Client Setup program on the client. this is what you had to do in 98SE and ME. I havent tried this feature in XP yet though.
  5. ertanp

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    On the client :

    I defined a local network to the server and defined server as the gateway and defined a proper DNS IP.

    As far as I know this is all needed to connect to an ICS server.