XP Icons in Favorites.

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by pjkim01, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. pjkim01

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    I noticed that when you bookmark a site: Like Yahoo or MSN. There is a small icon picture that is associated with the bookmark.
    But when I re-open the bookmarks later on. It is replaced with the standard boring windows "E" explorer icon. Does anybody know how to keep it from defaulting?


  2. allan

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    Those are called favicons and IE won't save them for you. But there's a little freeware program called FavOrg (I think I got it from the Ziff Davis Download page) that does the trick.
  3. AmarSingh

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    well they are downloaded to temp internet files and they are deleted when you clear your cache
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  5. AmarSingh

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    yeah...i just downloaded it and it rocks:D
  6. dadx2mj

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    Great little program thanks for the tip guys
  7. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    neat idea. i'd always wondered why the cool little icons disappeared.

    thnx guys...
  8. LoctOut

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    an alternate way

    I keep a folder in my windows Directoryt I call ~Icons. I save icons and icon files in this dierectory, including favorites icons. Then I just associate those bookmarks with the icon in this directory........ Works great!