XP Home Edition Install Hangs

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by steveg, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. steveg

    steveg Guest

    I have built a new computer and can not get XP to load, it hangs every time with 34 minutes left to complete the installation. I have tried every Bios combo I can think of and still no go. I can load 98 just fine. Any ideas?


    Soyo SY-K7VTA Pro AMD w/onboard sound
    AMD 133 Processor
    256 Meg 133 Ram
    Pine Nvidia TNT2 M64/Vanta PCI VGA
    Soyo case w/300W PS
  2. SupaTek

    SupaTek OSNN Addict

    Have you got a promise controller card fitted? If you have, remove it and replace it after installation
  3. steveg

    steveg Guest

    The only card installed is the Video card.
  4. RiGGs

    RiGGs Guest

    Try setting your BIOS to fail-safe or safe mode and disabling onboard sound. You might also try moving your PCI card to a different slot on the motherboard.

    If you manage to install, enable your BIOS settings just a few at a time to try and isolate the hardware conflict. Im guessing here, but I would bet it's a video or sound driver conflict.
  5. steveg

    steveg Guest

    I GOT IT! Tried everything, finally powered down, pulled APG vedio card, powered up, powered down, reinstalled card, powered up and XP finished install. XP works perfectly!

  6. RiGGs

    RiGGs Guest

    Great, glad you got it worked out. :)